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Greed and Love is Paid With Love

September 8, 2017



Ataliba Gouveia, 32 yr old male, was an active businessman, a pharmacy owner. He hired zealous and dependable pharmacists, surrounded himself with cooperative friends, and had just bought an establishment in a busy corner of a large city. He now spent his afternoons in his new pharmacy listening to his companions or watching the hurried steps of the pedestrians outside.


“Nice work, Ataliba, you made an excellent acquisition.”  The good news came from Neca Fragoso, a long time friend who was visiting Ataliba. After a cordial embrace, they talked openly. “That’s right, my friend,” confirmed the business owner. “The conditions were favorable, and I did not hesitate.” “That’s a great location!” – observed his friend. “In spite of the presence of pedestrians, the situation of this business is satisfactory to me.” “They say that this corner is dangerous,” noted Fragoso in a serious tone. “Many accidents happen here, usually with dangerous drivers.” “We know that; the traffic light is nearby.”


And Ataliba continued: “We are here, and in two months, witnessed car crashes with nervous persons exhibiting excoriations. I established a medical clinic for emergency services. Also, we have two physicians in the building next door.” “Well done!” said Ataliba’s friend. “Your idea was well-inspired. A medical clinic is a providential haven for help and charity.”


Ataliba smiled ironically and added: “Charity? That’s not the case. Here, any service provided needs to be paid in cash. Beneficence in this wealthy corner doesn’t work. I have been working without rest, and furthermore, I am married and I have a 5-year-old son. He will not experience the hardships that I had to endure in my childhood. I had to work as hard as a mule, under heavy yoke, but when I think that my son will grow up wealthy and happy, I forget about the labor. We do not have free services. Any person that comes to our clinic without the means to pay will have to knock at a different door.


Night fell hurried. It was cold. The clock marked ten minutes to seven. The conversation between the two continued, when an old lady entered the room, running, carrying a small child in her arms. She was directed to Ataliba by the receptionist - “Sir, this child broke loose from his nanny and ran towards the road… I saw when he was run over by a high speed car… I ran towards him and he was moaning on the floor. I wrapped him in my blouse, but his head is bleeding heavily and his body is covered in grave contusions. I came to ask you for help. I heard you have a medical clinic here.


“And madam, do you have sufficient money for the expenses?,” asked the business owner with indifference. “Ah, I am afraid I don’t. I am a maid and I was on my way to the bus stop to go home.” “If that’s the case, you have a good day madam. We don’t provide free services here.” “Sir, have pity! I believe this child is almost dead… I am acting out of the goodness of my heart… In the name of God, I ask for your help… I cannot abandon this poor child… I am also a mother of two small children that wait for me at home…”


In an attempt to improve the breathing of the boy that was immobile in her arms, she removed the handkerchief that she used to try and stop the bleeding in the boy’s mouth. When he saw the poor boy’s face, now dead, Ataliba Gouveia’s face was transfigured. Embraced by Fragoso that was witnessing the reality of this painful scene, Ataliba fell into tears and exclaimed: “Fragoso!... Fragoso!... What will happen to me?!... This is my son!!!…”


By the spirit Augusto Cezar, psychographed by the medium Francisco C. Xavier. Book “Fotos da Vida”, 1989, Publisher GEEM.


Love is Paid with Love

At the Prayer Spiritist Group in Uberaba there were always lines of people who wanted to say good-bye to Chico; in some cases, there were living lessons in those lines. On one of these occasions, Chico asked a certain couple who had participated in the meeting, as they were saying good-bye, “Listen, Mr. So-and-So, how’s your daughter getting along?” “Chico, right now she is hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic. She tried to commit suicide for the third time. Our grandchildren are with our son-in-law in his mother’s house. It is a very delicate situation; the family is falling apart because of all the problems. We have tried a number of treatments and have had no results yet.” Chico, as could only be the case, gave them some words of comfort, informing them that he would pray for everyone. However, before the couple left his presence, he said: “Dr. Bezerra de Menezes (spirit) is here and he has a little suggestion for you. May I pass it on to you?” “Of course, Chico.” “He suggests, if you accept it, that you begin doing charitable work with the most needy people that you can find in Uberaba.”


The couple, very emotional, gave their thanks and left. Several months later, the couple returned to Chico’s Center with news about their daughter: “Chico, we have come especially to thank you for having passed on Dr. Bezerra’s suggestion.” “I’m not the person you should thank; I just work as a loudspeaker for the good spirits.” “Chico, however it is, we want to thank you and Dr. Bezerra. Our daughter is cured; she returned to her home and is happy at the side of her husband and children. We are all very happy and we want to share this joy with you.”


The medium, happy and excited, thanked God, Jesus and His benefactor friends, but then he asked: “Please, tell me what happened.” “After you passed on Dr. Bezerra’s suggestion to us, we went home to think about it. Who would the most needy people be? After some time, we came to the conclusion that some of the people being reeducated at the Uberaba Penitentiary had some of the greatest needs: abandonment and loneliness, they had no one, no family member or friend. We decided to visit them on Sundays. We began the visits some month ago and continued without interruption. “So we took them blankets, books, cakes that we prepared at home, conversing with those brothers of ours, in routine visits, giving them our friendliness and company. “As we visited our brothers, we began to perceive a considerable improvement in our daughter. She began to become more balanced; her medication was reduced, until she was finally released. As you see, Chico, we are really happy.”


The couple left happy. After the couple had left, Chico asked Dr. Bezerra mentally what had happened in this case. Dr. Bezerra explained: “When we made that unusual suggestion, they made the decision to begin working with our brothers at the Uberaba Penitentiary. On the spiritual plane, the discarnate mothers of those brothers of ours began to pay attention to that couple who was interested in their sons. After some time had passed, they decided to accompany them and they verified the situation of the couple’s daughter. They noted that she was the target of a very intensive obsessive process. The mothers of those prisoners got together and decided that, as the couple was paying attention to their sons, they would pay attention to their daughter. And they began the job of explanation and evangelization with the obsessors, managing finally to get them to pardon her. “Look, Chico, love is paid with love.” Source: Book Chico Xavier: Stories of a Friend from Another Land by Umberto Fabbri, chapter 34.

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