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     Weekly Study Groups


Weekly Study Groups are held at the Spiritist Society Towards the Light Center in San Rafael. Passages are read and studied from the various Spiritist's Basic Books and discussions are held. Some groups have a prerequisite. Please call, email, or talk to us on Fridays  if you need more information about any group.


We hope to see you soon at

Spiritist Society Towards the Light. 

I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.
Jesus (John 8:35-12)
Spiritist Society Towards the Light
One Simms Street
Suite 200
San Rafael, California 94901
Driving Directions

Weekly Study Groups & Spiritual Treatments​

All Study Group meetings and Spiritual Treatments are held at:

The Spiritist Society Towards the Light Center

One Simms Ave, Suite 200 (upstairs)

San Rafael, CA 94901 

Thursdays (7:00 PM - 8:15 PM) The Gospel Study and Spiritism Study and Discussion Group (English)

In this weekly group, we openly discuss and share beliefs of the Spiritist Gospel, the Spirits' Book and the teachings of Jesus, bringing awareness in our consciousness towards inner reform and transformational growth and the lessosn of love and everlasting life, in a continued pursuit of self-improvement, and harmony, with all the creation throughout multiple existences. If you would like to know more about this you are welcome to join us in our Gospel and Spiritism Study and Discussion group. Contact: Ronaldo at ( Carole and James at ( for more information. Note: The group is open to everyone.

Fridays (7:00 PM - 8:30 PM) Lecture, Meditation & Spiritual Treatment (English)

On Fridays a weekly topic is presented, followed by meditation and individual spiritual treatments where the mediums work with Divine energy to transmute and offering healing through a deeper method of the medium's activating of hands that are used to transmit energy, which has the power to channel "fluid" or "Vital Life Healing Force" beneficial to the recipient that is ready to receive. Contact: Ronaldo ( for more information. 

Note: The group is open to everyone.

Fridays (After the Spiritual Treatments) Mediumship Study Group (English and Portuguese) 

On Fridays after the Spiritual Treatments there isa 30-minute Mediumship Study Group that is open to everyone who wants to join in and learn more about Spiritism. Contact Carole at ( for more information.

Note: The group is open to everyone.

Fridays (By Appointment Only at 5:00 PM and 5:35 PM) Fraternal Service (English and Portuguese) 

On Fridays Fraternal Service is also offered through open and fraternal dialogue with a person who comes to the Spiritist Center. It is an opportunity to talk freely and in private about one's difficulties to gain a broader understanding of one's problems. Consolation and spiritual comfort are offered with Spiritual Guidance to alleviate pains and suffering. To learn more about the Fraternal Service please speak to someone at the reception desk on Fridays or if you would like to book an appointment. Appointments are scheduled at 5:00 and 5:35 PM on Fridays.  Contact: Ronaldo at ( for more information.

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