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The Path Toward Spiritual Health

February 2, 2018

A few months ago I saw a story on television about a young 12 year old girl, who was a very gifted musical composer.  She was filled with such joy when she was speaking and expressing her lifelong goal to create beautiful music. That sparked something in me. I am so grateful for God sharing such a beautiful spirit with us on Earth and helping me remember about something that brings me great joy – creating beauty.


So, for the past few months my presentations here at the Center here have been filled with photos and graphics that have inspired me – that I, in turn, have put into presentations on Friday night to share with you.  So, again tonight I have found great joy in preparing this presentation to share with you tonight. I loved searching for photos or graphics that, hopefully, express the essence of the thought that I am wanting to share with you.


The Path Toward Spiritual Health is a topic that was presented by Suzana Simoes at the 5th Spiritist Federation of Florida Conference in 2013. I have taken the ideas she presented and rearranged them, edited them, and added photos and graphics. So, here is my gift to all of you, I hope you enjoy it.

The Journey of Healing -- The Path toward Spiritual Health

We are going to look at six steps that we can follow on our Path toward Spiritual Health. Six steps to take on our Journey of Healing where we can study and educate ourselves and gain understanding and put into practice what we learn. As we continue down this Path toward Spiritual Health – We will learn to educate ourselves so we are able --- To See, To Walk, To Interact, To Be, To Serve, and To Heal.

The First Step: To See

Our Physical Body is the Temple of our Spirit

Our first step on the path towards our Spiritual Health is: To See. We are more than a congregation of atoms. On Earth we are a Spirit experiencing a temporary existence in matter.  Spiritism offers a key to the relationship of our body and soul, helping us to understand that one is constantly acting upon the other. While on Earth, it is up to the Spirit, though, to construct and maintain our own Spiritual Health, while at the same time, not neglecting our physical body, which is the temple of our Spirit.

Spiritual Sight

In order to maintain our physical and spiritual health, it is necessary for us to be able To See - not with our physical eyes, but how to have spiritual sight, to understand and be able to see our true purpose of life.

Educating Ourselves

We can educate ourselves so we can learn about our true purpose in life through reading about Spiritism, and attending study groups and lectures at our Spiritist Center.

Spiritual Sight

It is necessary for us to be able to see through our spiritual sight on our journey toward spiritual health.

Health does not mean being free from disease

Even if we do not externalize some disease during our lifetime, this does not mean that we are healthy. We can appear to be, seemingly, healthy on the outside for a period of time, but the origin and seed of disease can be imprinted on our Perispirit which will later manifest itself according to the law of action and reaction.  But what does that mean – the law of action and reaction?

Karma – The Law of Action and Reaction

In the book Action and Reaction by Chico Xavier and the Spirit Doctor Andre Luiz, we learn that that Karma means cause and effect. This means that very action has a reaction that can transcend through many incarnations. Thus, Karma or the "law of cause and effect" is a scale where nothing is overlooked from the moral point of view. Each of our spirits produces its own Karma and we must deal with that karma in each of our new incarnations on Earth. 


This law of cause and effect can be deeply linked with our Spirit’s health-disease issues.  In Spiritism, we learn that everything happens for a purpose, but they are always with the intent of helping us, of rehabilitating us, and gently guiding us back towards the towards the path of happiness and peace. In Spiritism, we learn how to see with our Spiritual Sight.

The Second Step: To Walk

The Second Step involves learning how to walk towards our spiritual purpose. This enables our soul to continue moving us on our Journey Toward Spiritual Health.

Movement of Our Soul

Now that we are learning that Spiritual Sight means to be able to see and understand our goals and purpose in life, it is important in our Second Step that we also learn how to walk towards those goals, to actually be able to move and overcome our inertia, that place where we often get stuck and remain for long periods of time.

Our Emotions

Our study groups and lectures help us to understand how our emotions are one of the main obstacles affecting our ability to see and walk towards spiritual health, towards our spiritual goals. We start to learn why we may need to change some old habits that are creating these emotions.

The Movement of Our Soul

With changes and understanding, our soul will be able to start moving through those places where we oftentimes, get stuck, and are unable to move.

Learning to Walk

We need to learn to walk, so that we can stay above the water and breathe because there are times in our lives when the flow of the river is strong. But we can survive with the right tools from our continuing studies. We can have the strength to overcome any situation in our lives.

The Journey of Healing

The Healing of our Spirit is a Journey of Healing. This journey has everything to do with our connection with our Creator. When we come to the Spiritist Center we need to be willing to take this journey towards learning and understanding, and be willing to be open to making new educational discoveries about the meaning and purpose of our lives. We need to get to the place where we are sure that there is even a point in taking this journey!

Reaching the Place

We need to reach the place where –

  • We no longer doubt life

  • We understand and be obedient to God's Laws                                                                       We need to be obedient to God's Laws even when we have a temporary desire or impulse, that seems contrary to God’s desire for us, even at this point of temptation, we need to practice and learn how to be obedient.

  • Where our heart’s desire is God’s desire.                                                                                        Where we are able to follow our heart’s desire without disobeying God’s Laws because we will be at the point where our heart’s desire is God’s desire.

  • Where God’s Will is Our Will                                                                                                              This is the point where what we wish for ourselves is not different from what God’s will is for us.

Real Health

When we come to this place in our journey, we will have come to an understanding of health and illness. Real health is our connection with our creator and illness is the momentary state that is contrary to this fact.


Illness can be seen as: 

    -- an invitation from our body

    -- an invitation from that innate wisdom that is within each one of us 

    -- an invitation to realign ourselves with our own consciousness of God’s Laws

    -- an invitation to realign ourselves with our neighbors and with the universe


The Health of our Spirit occurs when our innermost desires do not go against God’s laws, because our desires are at one with god’s desires for ourselves. We are at one with God. (Andrei Moreira, Healing and Self-Healing).


We have learned how to see more clearly with Spiritual Sight, and now we are learning how to walk and take the Journey Towards Spiritual Heath. Next, we will learn the importance of Interacting with other human beings as we continue walking on our Path towards Healing our Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The Third Step: To Interact

Integration into Society

Our third step towards Spiritual Health is Interaction. We learn that we need to be willing to relate to one another with sensitivity, while at the same time, trying to be useful in our society. We learn how to integrate ourselves in society. We all want the same thing – we all want to be loved, accepted, and feel that we belong to something. This integration starts to take place the moment our Spirit arrives at a Spiritist Center -- you are welcomed with open arms. Your physical body is not only receiving the welcome when you enter, but your Spirit is welcomed when it enters the Center. And in that welcoming, so much healing takes place.

External Resources

There are resources at our Spiritist Centers that help us in our everyday lives to boost our energy and to help us continue to do the true work of healing our soul.


These external resources are:

  • The passes

  • The healing treatments

  • The blessed magnetized water


These external resources will help the physical body, but should not be our primary focus or reason for coming to the Center.

External Resources are Secondary

These external resources are secondary to the true work of spiritual healing. Yes, our physical symptoms can be relieved, helping us to avoid unnecessary sufferings.

True Focus - Education

The true focus when we come to the Center should be on education. Education will free us from ignorance. Education is fundamental in the reconstructive process of healing the  diseases of our body and our soul.

Spiritist Centers Promote Spiritual Health

Our Spiritist Center’s main purpose is in promoting Spiritual Health. Our purpose when we come to the Center should not only be to heal our physical body -- to relieve our immediate needs, our sufferings and pains, but we need to also focus on learning how to have spiritual health, healing our spirit.

Learning How to Heal Our Soul

Our true work at the Spiritist Center should be to learn how to heal our soul, how to get back the power and the knowledge that we can heal ourselves, to reeducate ourselves and relearn and re-remember this knowledge that we may have lost somewhere along the way.


Our centers are here to empower us, to give us the tools, so we can figure out our own life. So we can learn and understand about our own immortality and our purpose in life and the true meaning of our existence.


At our Centers we find opportunities for study, reflection, and service that help each one of us think and feel more and more like we truly are immortal beings, that can take charge of our own health and our own destiny.

Spiritist Centers act as a Bridge

The centers act as a bridge to promote the immortal spirit to think and feel as an immortal being through education, intellectual knowledge, moral knowledge, and spiritual knowledge. We learn how to have emotions and feelings to reach an understanding of life.


We have learned, now, about three steps on our Journey Towards Spiritual Health, To See, To Walk, To Interact.

The Fourth Step: To Be

Our fourth step is to learn how To Be, by reconnecting with our True Will, but also learning how to continue with our Social and Human renewal process, and our moral process and progress.

Reconnecting with our True Will and our True Desires

We are each unique and special, divine beings, children of God. We are individuals. When we have thoughts, we need to decide if that thought really serves us. We can ask ourselves if that is truly the way that we want to continue to move in our life. We may need to reconnect with our true will and our true desires to help us answer those questions. We will come to understand that our will is not different than God’s will. We may, at times, be momentarily confused and lost, but through prayers, passes, listening to the good spirits around us every day, and raising our thoughts, we learn more and more about ourselves, our true will, and our true self.

Social and Human Renewal through Education

The educational process does not stop with intellectual knowledge, the process continues to bridge our inner world of reflection. In this bridging we start to understand how we can apply this knowledge to our everyday lives, and understand where we stand in our evolution.

Moral Process and Progress

Our moral process and progress are nurtured at our Spiritist Centers. Understanding our inner universe, our feelings and our emotions is a very important part of the process of the education of our Soul. In the Spirits' Book we learn that Education is the sum of acquired habits that form our character (Spirits Book, Question 685).


We sometimes learn that we must change old habits, old patterns, and old behaviors that do not work anymore in order to transform ourselves. We learn to actively invest in bringing our intellectual knowledge into our hearts – to educate our soul. Our Spiritist Centers are here to enable our social and human renewal by stimulating the development of ethical and noble values through education.


So, we have now made it through four steps towards Spiritual Health, To See, To Walk, To Interact, and To Be. Our fifth step is: To Serve.

The Fifth Step: To Serve

The Fifth Step on our Path towards Spiritual Health is: To Serve -- Being of service at all times, at any time, volunteering, mentoring, teaching, and sharing. Healing takes place through service.

Service is Joy

We learn that Service is joy. Being of service can mean sharing what we have with others -- sharing of our resources, our time, and our love. Not only giving money and material things, but taking a moment to stop multi-tasking and really listen when someone calls on the phone or walks in the room. Sharing and sending love, not anger, to the person who just cut us off in their car without signaling. Sending love, not anger to the person standing in front of you who is criticizing you, fairly or unfairly at work, at home, with friends, or even at the grocery store.

Charity is Love in Action

Service is put into practice on Earth through charity, which is love in action. We learn how to be co-creators through our spiritual practices. We learn how to be in harmony with ourselves and each other, and with God.

Connecting Heart to Heart

When we connect heart-to-heart, we are connecting through love. Love can empower our lives, the lives of others, our spiritual practices our friendships, our relationships, and our businesses. We learn how to love ourselves and how to enlighten our lives, when we are loving and one with God. This is charity, love in action, when we are collaborating with ourselves, with one another, and with God.

Service is Joy

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy.

I awoke and saw that life was service.

I acted and behold, service was joy.”

Rabindranath Tagore

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


We hope to see you soon at

Spiritist Society Towards the Light. 

I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.
Jesus (John 8:35-12)
Spiritist Society Towards the Light
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The Sixth Step: To Heal

We can learn to relieve the suffering and pains of our physical body through using magnetized water, passes, and participating in healing treatments. We are learning now and understanding that this is not the primary reason for coming to the Spiritist Center. The Health of our Spirit should be our primary focus.

Healing our Spirit through Education

Through Spiritism, we learn that we can heal our spirit through education – intellectual, moral, emotional, and spiritual education. This helps us to understand our inner selves – our true goals, our true desires, and our true will.

Progress Depends on our Efforts

The speed of our intellectual and moral progress depends on our own efforts to continue growing through the lessons we learn. The speed depends on how often we put these lessons into practice in our everyday lives. True Spiritual Health is our connection with our creator.

Summary: The Path to Spiritual Health


First Step:           To See, not with our eyes, but through Spiritual Sight.


Second Step:      To Walk towards our goals and purpose in life through movement of our soul.


Third Step:          To Interact by relating to each other and being useful in our society.


Fourth Step:       To Be by learning how to reconnect our will with God’s will.

                             To Be through education and renewal.

                             To Be through intellectual knowledge & our inner world of Reflection.

                             To Be through moral process and progress, the education of our soul.


Fifth Step:          To Serve by sharing resources, knowledge, time, and our hearts.

                             To Serve through charity, which is love in action.


Sixth Step:         To Heal, not only the suffering of our physical body, but to Heal our soul.                                        To Heal through intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual education.

Real Health

Real Health is our connection with our Creator -- when we are one with God.

Our Inner Doctor

“Each patient carries within him or herself, their own doctor. The patient who looks first and does not know that this is true, the best that we can do is to provide the inner doctor a chance to go to work.”    Albert Schweitzer

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