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Limits of Reincarnation

March 10, 2017



What are the limits of the incarnation?

Incarnation has no limits. It is conducted in accordance with the evolution of each; this resembles a child who attends the pre-school and asks us: "Is there a limit to the study? We respond: "The limit is related to the objective of which you search to achieve. If part of your achievements is medicine or the law or others, that require a constant update, then the study extends; it is imperative to be updated, there are not certain limits."

The child then might add, "And how many times would I have to return to school? How many years would I have to apply and study?" We would reply," If you park, you’ll  be stagnating your progress: if you walk on, you will be evolving. Similarly this is how incarnation proceeds.

Observe the dialogue that "Jesus" had with Nicodemus, which addressed this issue, telling him that the important thing is to be reborn and as often as necessary. As the person progresses in its evolution, improves, then the person advances to spiritual purity and inherits the eternal life. It is not, therefore, how many incarnations we need to make ourselves pure spirits. It is how many incarnations do we need in their entirety to become pure spirits.

There are people who in ten or fifteen incarnations, accounting for about a thousand years of evolution, who can achieve purity of mind because, serving truly to the call of Jesus, they deny themselves, they pickup the cross of their responsibilities and follow him in love and truth.

You say, "I understand, but how can I do that if I am married with children?"

To deny oneself, one does not need to be single; Jesus does not dispense with your assumed responsibilities however, he adds new tasks so that you may cleanse yourself; so you can regenerate; so you can apply yourself, improving, to follow the way of the Divine precepts.

It is imperative to wake up to the fact that through free will, you choose the left path or the right, and, as your effort is present in each reincarnation, based on the laws of love and charity in each of them, it will become easier and more favorable in your evolution, in your regeneration and spiritual progress.

Superior service will be present, while during every reincarnation when such service is not made use of, the difficulties will increase. Some people will accept and follow some people will deny and still revolt; in this case, their situation only gets worse. For every person that rebels towards the Divine Providence, and draws upon themselves, the way the magnet attracts iron filings, like evil and negativity, they will be harming not only themselves, but also those around them.

Certainly you must have noticed in the trajectory of your life, when you have contact with certain people, and as you talk to them, you start to feel sick and, with others, you feel very well; this means that that person or that brother or sister has problems. They are perhaps treading in wrong paths and and using wrong procedures, creating around them, miasmas, which may be harmful, and which break through to create suffering due to animosity and embezzlement through evil, envy, jealousy, vices, egoism, pride etc.

It is clear that whoever seeks the track before will find it and keep cultivating it with the good deeds of their heart. All that seek it after, cannot exceed the first. This is the case with humanity in relation to reincarnation. We must each make our future better or worse. If we stand here learning, of course, it is so that our future is less bitter. But to do so, it is necessary that we follow the guidelines, not our way, but the way it is presented to us.

The Earth is the great school of learning. In a classroom, there are students who repeat the school year because they cannot master math, while others also repeat a year because have difficulty in English. For some this or that is still difficult to accept, understand and assimilate; while to others it presents no difficulty.

On the evolutionary paths of life, we all go through various experiences; in many cases we learn and in others we do not succeed, however, someone else may be successful, exactly where we find difficulty. Each one, therefore, is located on a rung of the evolutionary ladder. Suppose two people have the bad habit of lying, one can overcome this habit and the other can not. In a new incarnation the one that overcame the habit would no longer need to go through the experience have given overcome this bad habit, while the second will have to repeat the similar lesson.

It is not up to us to judge anyone, because what we have learned, others may still have difficulty learning. We also learn about acceptance. There are things and situations that you do not accept, while another person in question may have already accepted and vice versa. If we refer to yesterday, there may have been many situations and occurrences which we did not accept, however today we do accept them, given our spiritual maturity; The same occurs with regard to tomorrow.

It is up to us to decide about our future, because the past is unalterable and tomorrow belongs to us. Let us do our best for our own good and our happiness

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