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     Fridays - Spiritual Healing


Visualize Balance and Renew Yourself

Dias da Cruz (Spirit) / Andrei Moreira (Medium)

June 9, 2017

You live the life you choose, which you built for yourself through the means of irradiation of your inner life. You will find yourself attracted to circumstances connected to your energetic identity, reaping the fruits and the effects of the causes which you determined through the use of your free will. Notice that in your cells the forces of your magnetic chains, which either harmonize or unbalance you, are a natural reflection of your mental and emotional state.


Therefore, you live what you construct, without self-pity or punishment, and besides you are gathered with those who breathe the same mental and emotional atmosphere which you have cultivated. Thus, your motivation is strengthened or weakened in accordance with your spiritual synchronization.


In this way, you are constructing and modifying at every instant that which happens, lives, and vibrates within you. Therefore, visualize the peace and harmony you wish to imprint on your cellular, mental, and affective universe, to allow this effort to become the renewing force within you.


However, do not become trapped by the benefits of this constructive hypnosis. Travel into your heart for a healthy introspection in order to recognize your fundamental errors before the divine laws, preparing you to rebalance and restore yourself through the means of self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others, and through a vibrating love that is felt and lived. Bring your soul and life into synchronicity with goodness and beauty while aiming to master the health of your body and soul.


Joanna de Angelis said: “Happiness is an intimate achievement...  things are not happiness: it’s an internal state, an emotion... Therefore, if you want to be happy, live each moment to the fullest bringing together the shares of joy, hope, dreams and blessings in a complete panel.”


If we maintain our lives connected to this higher search of meaning, the so-called unhappy moments will be transformed into learning. They will not be seen as enemies of our happiness anymore. Happiness is not of this world, let us build its foundation in our inner realm, in our psyche, and we won’t only enjoy the possible happiness but we will also take solid steps in our personal journey. We know that the divine plan for humanity goes way beyond happiness because in the condition of Children of God we are all destined to plenitude.


Source: Book Pills of Trust by Dias da Cruz psychographed by Andrei Moreira, chapter 6.

Source: Ângelis, Joanna de (Spirit); Franco, Divaldo (Medium). Message: Possible Happiness.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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