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The Obol (Donation) of the Widow

August 19, 2016

The teaching of the widow's obol brings with it the union of the concepts of fulfilling tasks and the acquisition of good feelings taught by Jesus, putting, as always, the power to perform righteous, loving and edifying deeds in our reach.

Upon completion of this passage, Jesus makes it clear that there is more value in giving from something we will need than offering to others just our superfluous. It is a passage that if not completely understood, could devalue the attitudes that the goodness building in our hearts combined with our conscious determines us to do.

The vision is greater than generally thought because when the master established this comparison it was to, among other things, determine the exact value of our task and of the beautiful use of our free will, establishing also indirectly, the reality of reincarnation.

All situations that govern our lives were established in our reincarnation program. "Situations" such as wealth, poverty and social status, among others, are the peculiarities occurring in these “situations” that comply with our daily choices.

Noting Chapter XVI of The Gospel According to Spiritism, which addresses the usefulness of material wealth, we can understand that if any situation of abundance is at hand, it is for us to use for the progress and well-being of those around us.

Thus, to distribute with common sense and justice, directly or indirectly, that of what we have more of, we will be giving to the task of responsibility, which brings with it the glorious value of a mission being well served and all the joys and good dividends that the righteousness of God will give us accordingly.

On the other hand, when we only have the necessary, in some sense, and allow being so touched in the intimate by the needs of the other, in a way to want to supply their needs before ours, we will be giving in a way so that feelings of selflessness, brotherhood and love of thy neighbor flourish, finally, in our interior.

These situations accelerate both our evolutionary process as the environment in which we are, simply because they make up half of the goals of human incarnation.

It is, in short, reducing our suffering for two main reasons: first, that, with this view, it is right that we make fewer bad choices, which will bring us, by logic, less points to expiate for future incarnations.

So that is why our actions have more value: that is, by them, our journey towards perfection is faster and less painful and, consequently, the superior happiness.

Therefore, there is certainty to make right in either giving from abundance or in giving from what is needed; what differs in the two situations is the kind of excellent dividends to reap during and after this existence.

However, it is up to us to use common sense, love and reason for each of the situations that arrive to us, with a sense of our real position, looking to see the real consequences of our actions and with the stimulus of the sublime thought brought by Chico Xavier, who says:

"While no one can go back in time to make a new start, anyone can start to make a new ending."

Source: Spiritist editorial, Light, Charity and Love

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