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Benefits Paid with Ingratitude

September 16, 2016

"Ingratitude, which is contempt, presents itself as a serious imperfection of the soul, which must be corrected" - Joanna de Angelis ("Jesus and today" - capítulo19).


In "The Gospel According to Spiritism", Chapter 13, item 19, the Guide Protector notes that as God allows, often we get paid with ingratitude, not necessarily because it is our merit, but to be tested for our ability to insist on the good.


This insistence is the result of a long process of understanding. We must learn to disregard the imperfection of the soul of our neighbor and admit that such a benefit is never in vain, even if such a disregard was paid with ingratitude.


Once when commenting to my father a fact that had happened to him, which was a target of a painful ingratitude, I received a profound teaching that has always guided my actions: “The benefit is never lost”.  Even if the recipient does not understands it at first.

My father never doubted the well proportioned as the only thing that he could have made.


He had complied with the regulation of his consciousness. As for the benefited, he would one-day meet the regulations of his responsibility ... never having ingratitude would curb well.


No doubt, much bigger than the ingratitude is the seed of the good that is planted in the ungrateful soul.


Later, when this soul fertilizes through the sweat of learning and strengthens itself through the power of reason, the soul will remember everything that it received one day and did not in kind return.


At that time, the good received will continue and will extend for eternity, only now heightened by the tears of thanks from former ingrate.


Augustine teaches us that all the toughest tests are the ones that involve the heart ... and the ingratitude as being the direct fruit of selfishness.


It really is in the heart where it is most manifested, and must also be in the immaterial seat of love that man must find the strength to overcome the impacts of suffering.  It is here than we must avoid bitterness of hurt and resentment. These are powerful poisons to the soul. Most of the time, these are the origin of so much persecution and hatred of centenarians. The Spiritualists houses know of this in their spiritual assistance meetings.


The Spirit Albino Teixeira, in a message psychographic by Chico Xavier, in March 1964, the Christian Spiritualist Communion, Uberaba (MG), said:

"When the failure challenges us closely, when temptation and illness visit us, when our hope dissolves in suffering, when the trial seems invincible, when we are pointed out of the crowd, when our own friends abandon us, when all the circumstances are against us, when pain appears, when there is misunderstanding in demands that are threatening, when we are enjoined to forget ourselves for the benefit of others ... So this come to us as a test of spiritual recovery in the School of Life, for the purpose of our promotion."


The remedy for ingratitude is forgetfulness, as well as the prevention of resentment is to not welcome it. Here we have the example of the Master of the Masters, in the midst of enormous turbulence of his martyrdom, he did not allow to be hurt by the ingratitude he suffered. With compassion he asked the Father to forgive his tormentors, because simply they did not know what they were doing...


Do all the ingrates know?



Assaruhy Franco de Moraes

removed CES nº1910 newsletter



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