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Reincarnation and Education

October 21, 2016

An assertion contained in The Gospel According to Spiritism cap. V, item 4, says that the causes of current afflictions come from two sources, which can be: from this life or other lives. Obviously such a statement can be applied to various situations, but it can be said, that in relation to reincarnation and education, it comprises the various nuances of the subject in question.

The binomial reincarnation and education should be seen by parents as a process, where the parties interact resulting in evolutionary achievements for those who experience this process.

The Divine Laws being perfect and immutable, the rebel spirit is led to a new life under the protection of the law of cause and effect, which manifests itself in the educational process of reincarnation, giving the spirit, by addition of Divine mercy, the blessing of a new learning in the earthly school.

It is necessary to understand that the various tendencies or inclinations, inheritances of personal achievements of the Spirit, are made present in today's incarnations positively when not negative, due to the parents not being vigilant in the conduct of educational processes.

But what should we understand by education? Vinicius, in the book, the Master in Education, gives the following concept. "To educate is to take from the inside out and not from the outside in. Everyone has, in a state of latency, wonderful powers and faculties that by the harmonious and progressive development should be object of education."

Education should be understood as representing conscious and continuous paths that provide the resumption of self-consciousness, so that it enables the search for new ways of self-realization and integration into the society in which the individual lives.

It is noteworthy that the child is not just a little being of angelic and fragile appearance, but rather a rational, moral and spiritual being, which depends on an acquisition of knowledge, so that the being can establish a scale of values, based in noble moral principles. It is up to the parents to help them in this task by providing conditions and criteria that enable proper evaluation of the principles that will guide their lives.

The Doctrine in addition to giving the knowledge of reincarnation and its consequences, proposes to men/women the inner reform, which would be the same as saying that it re-educates men/women. It would be redundant to state that most of the times, it is necessary that first the parents re-educate themselves, so they can educate their children.

The major concern of parents when they begin the educational process of their children is to emphasize the intellectual aspect, neglecting the moral aspect and the result of this process is the formation of a technically qualified adult but that is easily corrupted by the material pleasures and pitfalls of life, due to such education lacking high values.

It is of capital importance for the reincarnated spirit, to receive from their parents as early as the early childhood a education based in moral values, it is at this stage that the spirit is more open to assimilation of these teachings. Allan Kardec, with a deep knowledge of the importance of education in Infant period, asks the venerable entities in the question 383 of The Spirits' Book. What is, the use, for a spirit, of passing through the state of infancy? The answer given, acquire

a pedagogical character before the Divine Laws.

"Incarnate, with the aim of improving, the Spirit during this period, is more accessible to the impressions that it receives to assist in its advancement, for what must be contributed by the ones in charge to educate it."

It should be noted that the infant stage, especially early childhood, which covers the period that goes from zero to seven, is the best time to launch the educational bases, since reincarnation on Earth with rare exceptions, is primarily of educational nature.

The return to the field is surrounded by expectations, glimpse over the success of reincarnating in the redemption of sins committed in previous lives, the opportunity to return in a new body constitutes a Divine blessing, which gives the Spirit reincarnated the forgetting of the past, so that the restart is given away from contact with the previous life.

Trials as the social environment, family environment and the physical ailments will request from the reincarnated being, resignation and willpower, because the pain is invariably a great educational resource available to the Divine Providence for the education and development of the Spirit.

Within this context it is up to parents the duty to educate their children according to their commitments to the higher spirituality and the teachings of Master Jesus, relying always on the maxim of the Spirit of truth contained in the Gospel According to Spiritism: "Spiritists! love one another, this is the first lesson, educate yourself, this is the second.”

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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