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Spiritism: Theory and Practice

November 17, 2017

A couple months again I was in a conversation and someone asked what Spiritism was? I was dumbfounded. I was literally speechless. I had never been asked that before. I have been coming to our Center for 4 years now, listening to the topics on love, compassion, charity, etc. My husband and I read Spiritism books aloud to each other and I felt like we were slowly learning about what Spiritism is. We go to classes to study the Spiritist Books, but when asked a simple direct question about what Spiritism was, I was speechless. I am sure I tried to say something like – we have topics each week and study groups and healing treatments. But I couldn’t answer her question. I felt so bad and realized I was really lacking in some fundamentals. I have been learning many bits and pieces, but when asked I couldn’t put those pieces together into any kind of coherent whole.

After 4 years if I couldn’t even say what Spiritism was maybe I should figure it out. So this is what I want to share with everyone tonight. The content of this presentation is based on the concepts presented at a US Spiritist Conference in 2008 by Vanessa Anseloni. There will be short summaries or statements presented on the screen but I will be expanding on those summaries in my presentation sometimes while that slide is up.

What is Spirituality? Spirituality has been defined in numerous ways. These include;

A belief in a power operating in the universe that is greater than one’s self.

A sense of interconnectedness with all living creatures.

An awareness of the purpose and meaning of life.

The development of personal values.

It’s a way we find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in our life.

There will be two parts to this presentation: (1) Spiritism Theory, and (2) Spiritism Practice. In this Theory section, we will learn about three principles and three laws of Spiritism that comprise the foundation of Spiritism. Then in the second section of Spiritism Practice we will learn about how the principles and laws of Spiritism are put into practice.

There are three main principles of Spiritism that comprise the basic foundation underlying all Spiritist practices. These are the concepts of Spirit, Matter, and God.

The first concept is Spirit. What is Spirit? Spirits are the intelligent beings of creation. Each one of us has a spirit connected with our physical body. Our spirit stays with us while we are on earth and stays with us when our body dies. Our spirit comes back to earth when we return in a new earthly body. A spirit can be imagined as an ethereal spark or a flame that transcends space and time. On Earth our spirit is our soul.

Our spirit is connected to our physical body when we are on earth by our perispirit. Let’s try to imagine what a perispirit looks like. Imagine the perispirit as a semi-material substance that envelopes our spirit, a vaporous substance as fine as a mist. It actually looks like us, by having the appearance of a 3-D outline of our body as its form, but without the substance of our earthly physical body. The perispirit is an imprint of who we are. It performs very specific functions and duties for us. It records all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions that stay with us and continue on with our spirit when our physical body dies.

As a human being on earth we have a physical body that is connected to our Spirit. Our perispirit is an intermediary that connects our physical body to our spirit. Human beings throughout time have always had relations with spirits. Our spirit is the essence of who we are. Our spirit stays with us from one incarnation to the next. While our spirit is on earth it is not in total control when we are in an earthly body because as human beings we have free will to act. As earthly beings many of our actions while in our physical body may have consequences that we must answer for in this lifetime or the next or beyond.

On earth we are incarnate spirits that means that our spirit is on earth in an earthly body connected by the perispirit.

Incarnate means that we have an earthly body plus.......

Incarnate means that we have an earthly body plus Perispirit plus........

Incarnate means that we have an earthly body plus a Perispirit plus a Spirit and these are are all rolled into one and each are connected to the other.

With no earthly bodies we are discarnate spirits.

Discarnate means that we have a Perispirit plus........

Discarnate means that we have a Perispirit plus a Spirit and these are both rolled into one and each are connected to the other.

The second principle of Spiritism is Matter. On earth we have material resources all around us.

We sometimes view material things and possessions as temptations or as the enemy. But we can embrace material resources as collaborators for our progress, not something we despise.

Our third principle of Spiritism is God. As Spiritist's we have a connection with God.

Through our connection we learn about the Spirit of Service – being of service to, with, and for God.

So, in summary the three principles of Spiritism are Spirit, Matter, and God. This is the foundation upon which our spiritual practices are implemented.

There are three Spiritual Laws that guide up and help us to put into practice the Spiritist principles. The Law of God’s Sovereignty, The Law of Fluids, and the Law of Service.

The Law of God’s Sovereignty simply means that God is in control

There is teamwork amongst God and the Spirits (both incarnate and discarnate). Everything around us is under God’s control. God is always there for us. We are not alone. God is with us to help us orchestrate our life and guide us on our journey.

There are cosmic fluids that connect God to everyone and everything. Cosmic fluids are a type of energy that connects us all together. On earth everything is connected together. In the spirit realm everything is connected together. Then everything on earth and the spirit world are connected together with God. Our energy touches everyone and everything.

Spiritual fluids or energy move through our thought by our free will. We are attracted to each other or repelled form each other through these fluids, this type of energy.

The Law of Service if the third Spiritual Law.

The Law of Service is put into practice on earth through charity, which is love in action. We are social beings on earth and we need each other. When we connect heart to heart we are connecting through love. When we connect in this way there is no limit, no boundaries for our love, it just keeps growing and growing and giving and giving, Love can empower our lives, the lives of others, our spiritual practices and our businesses. We learn how to orchestrate in harmony with each other. We learn how to be co-creators. We learn to co-create in partnerships and in spiritual practices. We learn that we are responsible for our lives. We are not victims. We learn how to love ourselves and how to enlighten our lives when we are one with God. This is charity, love in action when we are collaborating with ourselves and with one another.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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Intelligence is also a component within the Spiritual Laws because it is our intelligence that directs our thoughts and free will.

Spiritual fluids (or energy) move through our thoughts by our free will. Our intelligence, in turn, directs our thoughts and free will.

There are three different types of intelligence – intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, and spiritual intelligence.

Intellectual intelligence is the first type of intelligence. Being a human being means that we exist in a material body.

Being a human being means we are thinking beings. Intellectual intelligence is achieved through intellectual discipline. Being a human being also means we have a need to keep exploring more – expanding our intellectual intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is the second type of intelligence. Being a human being means we are emotional beings.

The emotional part of us is what makes us human beings. We need to constantly monitor our emotional well-being and discipline ourselves towards emotional health through emotional education. We can learn how to accept ourselves for who we are. We learn how to keep reminding ourselves about ourselves and our relations with others by remembering to think and say, “I love you, I forgive you, I love you no matter what, and I thank you for bringing me to these challenges.”

Spiritual Intelligence is the third type of intelligence. Being a spirit means that our spiritual knowledge transcends beyond our earthly existence.

Our spiritual knowledge can be broadened and disciplined during each lifetime and continues on with us into the next phases of our existence, from one reincarnation to the next.

So that completes the Theory section of tonight’s presentation. The second section will be about the Practice of Spiritism, how the theory of Spiritism gets put into practice in our everyday lives. In this section we will learn about how the foundation of spiritism that we just learned about – the three principles and laws of spiritism are put into spiritism practice through balancing the spirit, perispirit and body, we will learn about practicing inner growth and participating in healing treatments.

One way of practicing Spiritism is by learning how to balance our spirit, perispirit, and physical body.

**These concepts were from a lecture by Vanessa Anseloni on the Spiritual Laws of the Spiritist Practice, 2nd U.S. Spiritist Symposium, April 11, 2008.

We can learn how to regain our equilibrium by balancing our complex spirit, perispirit and physical body. At Spiritst Centers we can participate in healing treatments where we can regain this balance. During our participation in these treatments mediums team up with each other and with incarnate and discarnate spirits to help us in restoring our balance.

Spiritist Centers often times provide these healing treatments.

Another way of regaining balance is through the use of magnetized water. Water can absorb and conduct bioenergy (magnetism). Under the action of will and faith our water bottles can be magnetized and filled with bioenergy. Spirits pour in special remedies for each one of us in our designated spiritually magnetized water and is used to balance our spirit-perispirit- and physical body.

Working on our inner Growth is another way that we can put Spiritism principles and laws into practice.

As intelligent beings we can enlighten ourselves through our studies of Spiritist books, lectures that we attend, and discussions that we have in our study groups. The speed of our intellectual and moral progress depends on our own efforts to continue growing through the lessons we learn and then put into practice in our everyday life.

As much as we try to improve ourselves, to work on our inner growth, we still sometimes feel in turmoil about ourselves - our relationships - and our destiny. We sometimes feel worried, or anxious, or depressed, or jealous, or envious. Then when we allow those feelings to fill us up and spill over into our interactions and relationships with others, it is like we are sending mental darts to each other and back to ourselves. These types of disturbances and imbalances can result and erupt into physical life traumas.

In Spiritism, we learn that because of the existence of past life traumas, this may be the reason why we still feel these disturbances in our lives. We carry these disturbances from one life to the next as part of our spirit. These disturbances do not die with our physical body, but are carried to our new bodies through new reincarnations. And sometimes these disturbances can come to the surface as physical life traumas. But there are no medical exams or tests that can find any root of these causes and even genetics does not provide answers. Through Spiritism, though, we learn that these traumas may be deeply rooted from our past lives.

Sometimes by looking at the Body-Mind- and Spirit as a whole we can begin to understand.

Sometimes conventional medicine cannot provide a permanent cure by only treating the physical body. It is only when the body-mind-and spirit, as a whole, are addressed that we may be able to begin to understand more. Spiritism helps us in our understanding that we are all instruments of God’s healing working through us.

When we come to the Spiritist Center and are in healing treatments, the mediums are working in teamwork with each other and with the spirits connecting with our creator. Healing takes place through this network of shared fluid energies of the patient, the mediums, the spirits, and the creator all working together. As a patient you are a part of that healing, you are participating and co-creating.


So tonight we have learned about the three principles and laws of Spiritism and then we learned how those principles and laws are put into practice through balancing our spirit-perispirit- and earthly body, through working on our inner growth and co-creating in the treatment of our body-mind-and spirit. Our participation in our healing treatments is part of our co-creating. We are all instruments of God’s healing working through us.

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