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     Fridays - Spiritual Healing


Caring for the Body in Relation to the Spirit

July 28, 2017

When I was little, my older brother said something to this effect (I think with the intention of scaring me):

“You’re just a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust”! This awesomely spooky, and possibly unintentional, meditation on the concept of impermanence has haunted and fascinated me since early childhood. I love the imagery, but what I love even more is the meaning behind it. That we are a living, breathing body driven by spirit, which is to say we are one together in this journey called life.


Another thought came to me as a child. I was lying in bed and thinking about a book I was reading. One of the characters had passed away and the relatives were left to bury the “remains”.  Well.. I thought if those are the remains, what are they the remains of? The answer it seems would be the spirit, to me this was undeniable evidence that we are in partnership with Body and Spirit.


Our soul takes residence, for a brief and sacred time, in our fragile human body. It does this to learn, to grow, and will—like a hermit crab—discard the old shell as it becomes too limiting and move on to new ones, to new lives that allow further growth. This continues on until we become wise enough not to need our earthly lives any longer.  I will do my best to demonstrate these ideas in tonight’s topic.

“If Humankind understood that the body is a reflection of spiritual harmony, and could comprehend the complexity of the inner phenomena that awaits them beyond death, certainly we would devote ourselves to a simpler life. With active work and legitimate fraternity by values of true happiness.


Human beings are only tenants of the physical body with natural obligations to preserve and defend the patrimony it temporarily possesses. The loving words we give or receive, the expression of sympathy, the fraternal attitude and understanding, constitute the most effective medical resources because in essence, health is the harmony of vibrations. When our soul is actually tranquil, the vehicle that obeys it is at peace.


The afflicted mind discharges disordered energy rays that are poured over our organs as hurtful darts of deplorable consequences to the body. Usually human beings only register effects without considering the root causes.” 


Therefore, it is important to care for our body and our spirit as they journey together through this incarnation. Caring for the body as a vehicle to house the spirit includes physical exercise, healthful food choices, and the right attitude toward our relationship with what we feed ourselves and the same is true of our needs on a soul level.

Spiritual Dimensions of Integral Health


“We are amazingly complex three-dimensional beings composed of Spirit, Perispirit and Physical Body. To achieve true, integral health we really need to accommodate a multidimensional approach. As much as the physical body needs daily adequate hygiene, nutrition, and exercise, the spiritual body and the Spirit also need these movements to achieve integral health.


As co-creators, we are the very engineers of our health, sculpting our own healthy or ill condition. Powered by our mind, the spiritual body receives vibrational information based on our thoughts and feelings, then imprints those vibrational patterns in our physical bodies, when incarnated.


In the blessing of each incarnation we hold the opportunity to reorient the foundation of the immortal mind. Successive reincarnations then become remarkable experiences to either create a new conditioning or to refine a pre-existing one that propels our connection with God, our Divine Parent.


Talking about connections, the Spirit’s mind has the dual capacity to send and receive information to and from others’, thus making mind-to-mind currents an integral feature of our health. At each thought and feeling, we are tuning in and out of a diversity of mental currents. Thus, the pursuit of integral health depends greatly on achieving a consistent attunement with the Higher Illuminated Minds of the Universe.


Such consistent attunement is true exercise of the soul since it relies on our emotional coaching, one in which we need awareness of emotions and willingness to consciously manage them. Nevertheless, we will only calibrate the core of our emotions when aligning it to a new standard of immortal virtues.


A virtuous individual inevitably becomes a healthy individual. The ennoblement of the mind through the exercise of virtues envelopes our whole being in nourishment from the exchange with noble spirit/minds as well. And even when we do not get it right, prayer and meditation will sere a powerful cleanliness to renew ourselves. After all, the joy of a new day will boost our hope and our courage to begin always again until we reach the ultimate integral health.

End quote


Sometimes we’re trying our absolute best to enjoy the present moment, yet unpleasant memories get in the way of our relaxation and serenity. Often there isn’t an obvious solution. We can’t always find the right listeners, the people who will truly hear our life stories and say exactly the right thing in response. We can’t always make amends with people from the past or with those who have discarnated.


It is most evident that we have a symbiotic relationship with all living beings. Nurturing and respecting our bodies directly affects our spirit and creates harmony in our being while here on Earth. So, keep a light heart. The time has come to rise up, to tap into the divine forces waiting to help us. The time has come to thrive. Until we reach this golden period of existence on Earth, let us continue working to create this harmony by treating ourselves as God would have it by nurturing the body and the Spirit.


Community Prayer

Thank you for the gift of all our relations. Thank you for the gift of caring spiritual relatives and friends, who seek to join in honoring the sacred web of connectedness that we share, who seek to support and be supported, who seek to help and be helped in bringing forth our greatest gifts and talents, our highest dreams and aspirations, who seek to honor and celebrate life and all its wonderful diversity. Thank you for bringing us together in this life and help us to see each other’s light that lives at the center of all our beings. May we grow in our awareness that we are all sacred, worthy, holy beings, here to heal, grow, love and serve the greatest good for all, healing and creating a just and peaceful world for all our relations. With your help, may it be so!

Wellness Prayer 

May you be safe from inner and outer harm.

May your body be healthy, strong and vital.

May you and everyone you love prosper.

May you be happy, peaceful and secure.

May you be at ease in your mind and in your life.

May you know how much you are loved, that you are love, and that your love is for giving.

May you know that you are a sacred, worthy, luminous being.

May all this be so for All Beings.

May we all live in a peaceful, just, sustainable and harmonious world.

May it be so and may each of us do our part to help make it be so.

So be it~

Sources:  The Spiritist Magazine - Dialogue Between Science and Spiritism on Health. by Chico Xavier (Medium) channeling the Spirit of Joaquim Murtinho and The Spiritist Magazine - Spiritual Dimensions of Integral Health by Vanesa Anseloni.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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