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July 21, 2017

The fishing boat took to the deep waters of the Lake of Gennesaret, the Sea-Lake named as Sea of Tiberias, following the conquest by the Roman eagle, in tribute to the emperor Tiberius. Jesus leaned back in the stern! Feeling tired, He rested His head over a hard leather cushion, surrendering Himself to the necessary physical rest, exhausted by the great amount of magnetism used on the so-called “miraculous cures” and the continuous work serving those in need. Although His physical body was of exceptional constitution, it was also subject to the laws of dense matter. And the boat moved to the opposite shore, sliding quietly over the shining emerald, smooth and sweet waters...


Suddenly, the weather changed! The wind blew fiercely, transforming the quiet waves into threatening breakers flooding the fragile boat, bursting over and invading it. It was dangerously threatened of capsizing. Left to the agitated waters, the small boat moved aimlessly as if a distressed dancer, fascinated by frenetic music and incapable of halting its dancing steps.


Fear, even terror itself, spread among its occupants! The frightened apostles quickly awoke the Master, telling Him about the imminent danger. Jesus then asked why they they were afraid... Lovingly asking them where their faith was. It was yet so small... He urged them to take heart, even in this terrible storm, but also on so many others.


And, as the Evangelists describe, He commanded the natural forces, reprehending the wind and telling the rough sea to calm down and to silence itself... (Mark 4:35-41; Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8: 22-25). And so the storm went away... Everyone was safe and the fishing boat once again serenely sailed through the beautiful waters of the Sea-Lake!...


Recalling the story of the time Jesus appeased the storm, it is important that we honestly look at ourselves and ask whether we are still “individuals of little faith,” despite all the evidences and examples of the protection we receive from Jesus and from His messengers of light.


We need to be constantly aware that we are immortal Spirits. We were created by God’s love and to love. We are strengthened by the logic of reincarnation – the blessed opportunity of redemption not only from past mistakes, but also receive the opportunity to go through experiences that need to be overcome, which helps us to evolve. We then must be mindful of our position as workers of the Lord’s vineyard, entitled to carrying out our duties with dedication, diligence and faith in the Greater Life.


The Spiritist teachings have already taught us about the Laws of Cause and Effect, of action and reaction. The Creators’ Sovereign Justice is present in every moment of our lives, spreading His sublime merciful mantle over us.


Thereby, when storms reach us, unleashing their oppressing and distressing winds, let us not be frightened by remembering the little boat in Palestine, over two thousand years ago. Jesus is still right next to us, reminding and encouraging us to have faith in Our Father and in Him. Let us hope that He will no longer need to ask us: “Have you no faith yet?” May our faith be enlightened and be reasoned, as a generator of the unshakable faith as described by Allan Kardec in The Gospel According to Spiritism (“That which can face reason in every epoch of Humanity,” chapter 19, item 7).


Let us do our part, guided by the lessons already learned on how to act in goodness. No fears! Let us cultivate hope in the certainty that the light will rise again soon. Let us fulfill our duty, seeking to follow the luminous steps of our Master. However, it is important to always to be with Him and, consequently, with Our Father.


Note: The author, Ivone Molinaro, was a Spiritist speaker in many Countries. She was also a writer for the International Spiritist Council (ISC). She discarnated due to cancer on the July 7, 2015 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was 74 years old. Source: SEI, The Spiritist Information Service, virtual bimonthly bulletin by the International Spiritist Council.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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