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A Future Life

My Kingdom is not of this World, A Future Life

Excerpt from The Gospel, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

February 24, 2017



Then Pilate entered into the judgment hall and called Jesus, and said unto him, Are you the king of the Jews?


Jesus answered, My Kingdom is not of this world. If my Kingdom were of this world, then my people would have fought to prevent my falling into the hands of the Jews, but my Kingdom is not here.


Pilate therefore said unto him, Then, you are a king? Jesus answered, “You have said it; I am a king. I was not born, nor did I come into this world except to bear witness to the truth. Whoever belongs to the truth hears my voice.”  (John, 18: 33, 36 & 37).





With these words Jesus clearly refers to a future life, which He presents in all circumstances as the goal which humanity must reach and which should constitute Man's greatest preoccupation here on Earth. All of his maxims refer to this great principle. Indeed, without a future life there would be no reason to have the majority of these moral precepts. This is why those who do not believe in a future life cannot understand or think the matter foolish, because they imagine that Jesus was only speaking of the present life.


Spiritism shows us that this life is nothing more than a link in the magnificent, harmonious assembly which is God's work. It also shows us the solidarity which joins together all the different existences of one being, of all beings of the same world, and all the beings of all the worlds. It offers the base and the reason for universal fraternity.


In order to win a place in this Kingdom it is necessary to show selflessness, humility, benevolence and charily in its most celestial form. They do not ask who you are, nor what position you occupied. Instead they ask what good you have done, how many tears you have dried.


In blissful worlds (of the Kingdom after earthly death) relationships between peoples and individuals are always friendly, never perturbed by ambition to enslave their neighbor or make war. There are no masters nor slaves, none privileged by birth, only moral and intellectual superiority which establishes all conditions and which ultimately gives supremacy. Authority receives and deserves the respect of everyone, as it is only given to those who merit it and is therefore always exercised with justice. Man does not try to elevate himself above another but only above himself, by striving for perfection. His objective is to ascend to the category of pure Spirit, although this desire is never a torment but rather a noble ambition which induces him to study ardently in order to became an equal. In these worlds, all the delicate and elevated sentiments of human nature find themselves exalted and purified. Hate is unknown, as are petty jealousies and the covetous of envy. The ties of love and brotherhood hind all humanity each to the other so that the strong help the weak. Through a greater or lesser degree of intelligence, Man acquires possessions of a smaller or larger quantity. However, nobody suffers from want as no one needs to make atonement. In short, evil does not exist in these worlds.


Evil is still needed in the (Earthly) world in order to make known goodness; night in order to be able to admire light; sickness so as to be able to appreciate health. In those other worlds there is no need of these contrasts; eternal light, eternal beauty and eternal serenity of the soul offer proportional eternal happiness, free from the perturbations caused by the anguish of material life and the contact with evil creatures, who find no access to these realms. These are the things which cause the human Spirit most difficulty in understanding.


Meanwhile, the happy worlds are not specifically privileged orbs, as God is not partial to any one of His children. To each one He gives the same rights and the same opportunities wherein to reach these worlds. He makes each one start at the same point and gives no one more than another. Even the highest categories are accessible to all. It only depends upon the individual to conquer their place by means of work, so reaching it more quickly or remaining inactive for centuries and centuries in the earthly world of human kind.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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