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The True Meaning of Christmas for the Spiritist

December 16, 2016


Christmas for the Spiritist represents the commemoration of Jesus' birthday. The owner of the party is the Master, who should receive the gifts and the special honors and not us. The birthday boy has his guests who are the poor, the disinherited, the crippled, the suffering, etc ... Are we really the guests of the Christ at this party?

What gift should we give Him? What would He like to receive? We know that what He most wants is for us to fulfill the will of God, our Father. And every day we renew our commitments in the "Lords Prayer", saying: "Thy will be done."

Are we doing our part? Are we at this party or are we stopped at the door? Most of us, even spiritists, still see Christmas as a consumer feast, reinforcing the cult of materialism and materiality, exchanging presents between ourselves, when, in truth, we are not the ones being honored, nor is it our party...

Does the Christ feel happy about this? Our reverence to Christ must be in Spirit and Truth only, seeking to materialize the Will of the Father who is in the whole Gospel.

And how should this celebration be? With a prayer, a reflection on the objectives achieved, with an internal critical analysis where we can verify if the commitments assumed before reincarnation are being fulfilled, because the only and greater objective that we have in the present existence is to build up in us the Good.

For this longing we personally and non-transferably come into an agreement with the Christ, a mandate of renewal. Our commitment is to know ourselves better, to conform our lives to the Will of God, to reform ourselves intimately and to become men and women of Good, building within us the Beautiful, the Good, and Justice.

Unfortunately, Santa is still more important than the Christ. Christ is still devalued and forgotten within us. Our tables are full and there is a lot of talk about solidarity, but there is no sensitivity to the pain of others. We lack conscience, we talk a lot, but we still do not feel the fellowship pulsating in the heart. We are hostages and prisoners of appearances, of materialism, of external cults, of consumerism, placing in second place the Kingdom of the Spirit, the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual interests still have no time and no voice in our hearts. What is the true meaning of Christmas? It must be that of self-awareness, seeking communion with the values ​​of the Good, linked to the interests of the Spirit and immortal life, because Earth, for the incarnated, is only a short class and no one stays in School the whole existence. One day we will return home to evaluate the duties performed.

What attract us are not good ideas, but interests. The Doctrine of Christ, full of good ideas, has been with us for over two thousand years and we have not changed enough. Unfortunately, we have not yet been attracted by these ideals. But as we evolve through study, through love and pain, our interests change and we grow; the more we bury our vanities, our pride, and our selfishness, the more we are drawn into the light of Christ and become happy.

What the Star of Bethlehem represents for the Spiritists: it represents the Protecting Light of the Superior Planes, summing up an Infinity of Luminary Spirits that came to watch and give support to the Christ in his task of guidance and examples for all of us.

Do we remember the companions who are in the umbra (Lower) zones at Christmas? How do these Brothers and Sisters feel? Spirituality teaches us, through the pains of Chico Xavier, that some do not even know about this date or celebration. Others, who find themselves in better situations, feel extremely sad to be away from their families; Others still live reflecting and lamenting lost opportunities and suffering the pain of longing and separation because of resistance and rebellion in not accepting the process of change and transformation in the way of the Good.

The lack of Intimate Reformation draws us away from the ones we love. Many children, husbands and wives, are slow to find themselves in erraticity*, because of the misdirection of the free will, having in view their investments in the material world, fantasies, and illusions, to the detriment of the real meaning of existence itself.

They run away in face of challenges or the contempt of seeking to practice the lessons of good that causes us much moral pain. Christmas is that, permanent renewal. Every second is the time to change for the better, Loving, Serving and passing in this life with work in the GOOD, in Solidarity, in Tolerance, with a lot of fellowship. And So? Let's think about that?



* erraticity: Intervals between reincarnations while the spirit is in the spirit world awaiting a new destiny.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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