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The Causes of Illnesses

December 9, 2016


How do illnesses emerge? Spiritism explains.

By tuning into negative energies and attitudes, are we opening the doors to getting sick?

In the book Hands of Light, the North American healer Barbara Ann Brennan presents a very interesting argument: "Every illness is a direct message sent to you, telling you that you have not loved who you are and not treated yourself with care, in order to be who you are." In fact, every time our body displays an "illness" it should be taken as a sign that something is not right.

The illness is not the cause; it is a consequence from the negative energies that circulate through our spiritual and material bodies. Control of energy is done through thoughts and feelings, therefore, we possess energies that cause the illnesses because we are undisciplined mentally and emotionally. In the Domain of Mediumship, André Luiz explains that "Just as the physical body can ingest poisonous foods that intoxicate the body, also the perispiritual body absorbs elements that can degrade you, with reflections on the material cells."

We receive vital energy coming from the cosmos, feeding, and breathing. We receive energy from other people and we imprint the energy generated by ourselves. Thus, we are responsible for issuing good or bad energies to other people. The energy we radiate to others will be infused with our energy load, which means the charged energy of our thoughts and our feelings, requiring us to observe what we think and feel.

Types of illnesses

We classify the illness into three types: physical, spiritual, and attracted or symbiotic. Physical illnesses are disorders caused by an accident, overexertion or overeating, among others, that make one or more organs function as they should not, creating an organic illness.

Spiritual illnesses are those from our vibrations. The accumulation of harmful energies in our perispirit generates a type of fluidic self-poisoning. When these energies descend to the physical body, it can create a favorable energy field for creating illnesses that affect all vital organs such as heart, liver, lungs, stomach etc. . . , leading to an outcome of suffering.

The symbiotic or attracted illnesses are those arriving via the tuning of negative fluids. What can an angry creature always vibrating negativity and ill will attract, if not only the same things? This attraction generates an energy symbiosis that causes the perception of the disease that is affecting the spirit’s body which is magnetized energetically in the person, causing the feeling that the illness is in the person because they feel all the symptoms that the spirit feels. Then the person goes to the doctor and he finds nothing.

André Luiz states that "The embodied mind that has not been able to become disciplined and master their emotions and feed the passions (hate, jealousy, revenge ideas), will tune with the brothers of the spiritual plane which emit harmful fluids to impregnate the incarnate perispirit, intoxicating them with these mental issues and can take them to the illness."

The emergence of disease

With every thought, emotion, sensation or negative feeling, the perispirit immediately acquires a denser form and its color becomes darker, because of the absorption of harmful energies. During moments of non-discipline, the human mobilizes and attracts rough and primary fluids, which are converted into a dense and toxic waste.

Due to the density, these harmful energies cannot descend immediately into the physical body and will accumulate in the perispirit. Over time, the harmful energy charges that are not dissolved or have not descended to the physical body form patches and plaques that adhere to the surface of the perisprit, compromising it’s functioning and possibly worsening when the cumulative deleterious load is increased with follies of the present existence.

Medicine Help

The Spiritist doctrine does not preach conformism, so it is lawful to seek earthly medicine that can soothe and heal much where permitted. If the divine mercy has placed within our reach medicines, it is because we can and must use them to combat the harmful energy that migrated from the perispirit to the physical body, but we must not forget that the allopathic medicines only fight the effects of the illness.

This means that when illnesses are present in the physical body, we must fight it and seek relief. Often, these illnesses require long term treatment, sometimes even surgery, but it is all part of the "Law of Cause and Effect," which attempts to arouse moral reform through this painful process. Any preventative measure against the illness has to start with the mental behavior, externalizing on the moral action that reflects the old Latin concept: mens sana in corpore sano. “a sound mind in a sound body.”

States of non-discipline are the most responsible for the convening of primary and harmful energies that create illness by the reactions of one’s perispirit against the physical body. Feelings like jealousy, greed, vanity, envy, slander, revenge, malice, hypocrisy, bitterness, or the adverse consequences of illicit compulsions or addiction are also generators of harmful energies.

Therefore, the cause of illness can be found in the superficiality of dealing with life and in our everyday actions. Carefully analyzing the behavior, we understand that the ills that affect people persist as long as the causes are not cleared away. Therefore, superficial solutions are generally misleading. We must fight against all afflictions. Always try to think and act within the Christian teachings, in order to achieve integral healing.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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