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Forgetting the Past

September 2, 2016

Many question, "Why do we have to, in an existence, correct errors of past lives, which we do not have the remotest memory of?" Many ask, "Where is the Divine Justice, if we have to pay for mistakes that we do not even remember?"


For it is precisely what the Justice of God is. Forgetting the past is the Divine Mercy that is giving us opportunities to a new start, in every new incarnation.

The spirit reincarnates to learn and progress. Forgetting the past is the opportunity we have with every new incarnation, to start from scratch. It is a blank passport, a fresh start. So we can make use of our free will to build new learnings in each existence and the settlement of our debts fits precisely within our share of learning.

The incarnated spirit does not really have the memory of his deeds in previous lives, because that would be a hindrance, not a talent. Let me explain: we all are today better than we were in the past. This is because all the learnings of moral and intellectual order are acquisitions of the Spirit, that is, our spirit retains everything that we learn and progress we make in intellectual and moral terms, of each existence.

When reborn, we bring our moral baggage - and we use our free will to build new learnings, and continue our moral and intellectual evolution.

If, on the one hand, forgetting the past benefits us while embodied, in Spirit we keep the memory of our past lives. By chance does not exist in the Father's house - nothing happens without planning, and the Spirit, before reincarnating, takes part in that planning. Let's see how this happens:


In Erraticity (time between one incarnation and another), the Spirit is aware of their previous lives, their progress and their mistakes. Stripped of the material life interests, the Spirit has a broader view of the progress already made, and how much still needs to do to continue their moral, intellectual and spiritual evolution. The Spirit knows where to improve upon, and asks for an incarnation to remedy their faults, because the spirit is aware that all moral falls are obstacles to their evolution.

This way God allows the spirit to reincarnate among those who were loved, as well as those who were harmed by the spirit - and gives the spirit the benefit of temporary forgetfulness, that neither they nor the people with whom they coexist, can cling to what they WERE or DID in other existences. If we were aware of all the evil that was done to us, in each new incarnation we would rekindle hatreds, grievances and grudges - what benefit would that bring?

All God's paths lead to love. It is the love that appeases hatred, it is through love that we learn to forgive, it is by love that we know what is giving, dedication and unselfishness. This is how God makes, those who were once enemies, be reborn in the same family, with complete forgetfulness of the offenses, to build a story of love, friendship and partnership, where before there was malice, hatred and rivalry.


Thus, we observe in the same family, spirits who have a perfect affinity, while others seem to clash with that environment – they are different, are "difficult". They are most likely spirits who reclaim from us the settlement - though not explicitly, since we are temporarily shrouded by the veil of forgetfulness.

In such cases, there is no need to look for the reasons for the natural rejection that some people nurture for us. We do, yes, need to understand that it is through love and forgiveness that hate relationships turn into respect and sympathy - which are nothing more than the beginning of love.

What should we do then, if we are a target of dislikes apparently for no reason? Pray and forgive, knowing that if the cause is not in this lifetime, it must be in some previous existence.

What should we do if we are to feel an instinctive repulsion for certain people? Similarly, pray and forgive, because what would it be worth to find out who was to blame, and who was the victim? God is not a collector, God is Love! God does not allow us to know if we were victims or executioners, because God does not want us, in our existences, to wear the toga of judges to charge or convict the guilty. God wants the wounds to be healed through the only possible law: the law of love.

That’s how mothers receive in their wombs enemies of the past, and learn to love them unconditionally. It's like this that ill children, dependent on everything from their caregivers, learn to love those who, in this incarnation, occupy themselves by taking care of their weakened bodies and their broken souls, and re-lifts them.


With each new incarnation, the Spirit brings their acquisition of moral order, which reveals itself by their good or evil inclinations.

The intellectual attainments can, in turn, be temporarily dormant, meaning a spirit who has progressed very intellectually - not morally - misusing his intelligence, can reincarnate in humble conditions, without their intellectual gifts, in a process of reeducation.

Also in this case, forgetting the past is a benefit to the Spirit, for the memory of the power that the spirit had in past incarnations, could lead to rebellion and nonconformity, putting to waste the greatest purpose of earthly existence, which is to progress, especially where we failed.

But the knowledge acquired in successive incarnations, is cumulative, and never lost. If temporarily we have some dormant talents, it is because our learning calls attention to areas where we still have a lot to develop. But to return to the Spiritual World, the Spirit regains consciousness of their journey, and so has a vision of all its moral, intellectual and spiritual progress.


When we are granted a blank passport in each new incarnation, so we can stamp it with our successes and our falls, God gives us free will and makes us thus responsible for our choices.

We were born in the right place, in the right conditions, and with the right people to accomplish in life what we set out in Erraticity. In our condition as Spirits, we ask for trials to go through in life, because we know that they are necessary to our learning and progress.

We have, therefore, all the conditions for us to come out victorious of our earthly battles.

The earthly life, however, often drifts us from our initial purposes; the interests of material life may speak louder, and the natural predispositions may once again reveal themselves. (The natural predispositions are those that the Spirit has within it, which the spirit has not become free of, such as inclination to vices, crime, excessive attachment to matter and material goods, etc. The type of incarnation is given IN THE RIGHT MEASURE, so we can free ourselves from our evil inclinations, for example, the person very attached to material things is subject to be born in difficult conditions, or are stripped of their property, and so on).

We come out victorious from the learning when we are able, in an existence, to not give in to our bad inclinations, and thus learn to correct ourselves of a failure that leads to our moral fall. But that is the product of OUR OWN CHOICES.

God gave us free will - God respects our free will. Each time, by personal choice, we chose to give in to our bad inclinations, we reap invariably the consequences.


Liz Bittar – site: (Translated to English)

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