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The Pass in the Spiritist Vision

April 28, 2017

There are three types of Passes:
The Magnetic pass (this pass utilizes the energy of the medium or magnetizer)
The Spiritual pass (this pass uses the energies of spirits)
The Mediumship pass (this pas uses the energy the spirit and mediums)

The process of the Pass:
During the pass, energy is transmitted through the medium mainly through the energy centers of the body, or chakras, rebalancing, energizing and cleansing the energies of the body. These energies or fluids act first on the Perisprit, which then acts on the material body with which it is in contact.

What are the ideal conditions for the application of the Pass?
The environment:
Must be harmonious and free of harmful and negative energies. Because harmful energies could be transmitted to those that have affinity with them and have negative effects. So, the ideal application of the pass is in the Spiritist Centers. And in the Spiritist Center, even people who do not receive or apply the pass, should maintain a high level of vibration at that time, through intimate recollection and prayer.
The medium:
The medium must be balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. This means you must be in good health, being balanced both physically and emotionally. The medium must make use of prayer, and avoid, as much as possible, unbalanced thoughts and feelings. This is not saying that everyone needs to be a saint to be a medium, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any, but try, if not all the time, at least during the Mediumship work to keep as balanced as possible.

The receiver:
The receiver should have an attitude of faith, to believe and actively seek healing of their ailments. Do not just wait for an immediate relief, but be willing to seek the cause of your ills and be working on inner reform. Every disease has its cause in internal imbalances, which cause physical and psychological imbalances as a consequence of the affinity with lower vibrations. If inner reform is not pursued, the pass is always just a relief  without dealing with the cause of the condition. Those receiving a pass should seek to raise their vibrational level at the time of the pass, seeking the affinity to higher energies, so that they can assimilate them. Prayer is always recommended at that moment.

When should we take the Pass?
We should take the pass when we feel physically, morally or spiritually unbalanced. The pass should never be considered a "habit" or taken without real need, because whoever takes the pass receives a donation of energy from the medium and spirituality. These energies which bring with them a responsibility, since they could be used for those who really have a need instead. The medium, in the process of the pass, donates part of their vital fluid, and there is a limit that each organic medium is able to donate.

The pass is a relief, a remedy of urgency, which can indeed be necessary in the long term, according to the need. For example, it can be a relief for people who go through obsessive processes. True healing, though, only comes through the inner reform and modification of our thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions, which are the true cause of our imbalances.

If you take passes regularly and do not see changes in the ailments that torment you, then it is time to request help through the fraternal assistance in the Spiritist Center and/or specialized professionals, and begin to think more deeply about the need for your inner reform.

Those who practice charity make use of prayer and try to control their feelings and emotions, loving and helping others and thereby attracting positive vibrations and harmony for themselves. For these people there is rarely the need to take the pass, as these people promote the rebalancing of their own energies through the uplifting work of good.

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


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