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     Fridays - Spiritual Healing


The Healing

April 21, 2017

As spiritual beings, we are energy and we have this energy field around us.


For an illustration to better understand this concept let us image that we are like an onion with many layers of energy. This energy field or levels of vibrations, are affected by how we live our life, depending on our intentions, our thoughts, actions, moods, and feelings. For example, if we are vibrating with an energy caused by anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, pride, rage, lack of love, or if we are acting with disrespect for our family members or those around us – this type of energy will create a negative impact in the energetic field around us.


On the other hand the same way we can vibrate negatively we can also vibrate positively through love, faith, respect, compassion, friendship, and charity, which will help us maintain our harmony, peace, and balance.


We are responsible for the health of our physical and spiritual body. It will require a certain period of harmony and equilibrium in our life for us to contribute to the healing of ourselves, if in fact, we are to be healed in this lifetime, either physically or spiritually. Sometimes, the determination of whether or not we will be healed in this lifetime is based on our past life actions, our current life journey, and our merit. Everything that happens to us, is an opportunity for us to grow, and we should be grateful for it.


Before a disease or illness manifests in the physical body it was already present for a certain period of time withiin our energetic field. According to spirituality, 95% of diseases or illnesses are caused by problems related to our emotional side where karmic and acquired diseases are found. This leaves the remaining 5% to diseases of predispositions. Spirits linked to spiritual healing tell us that healing is the reverse of what caused the disease in the first place. Thus, the main treatment is the development of new attitudes and the inverse of what previously had been practiced.

If the disease is the effect, the cause comes from several related factors, especially, to misuse of our material senses that reflect on our physical and spiritual body. This causes us to not be in mental harmony, to have physiological stress, and the fluid commitment of our spirit. Walking towards healing is a matter of attitude with radical and profound change in how we act. We must recognize Faith as a belief in the Divine providence. We must believe that no matter the size of the pain or the amount of time needed to heal, this may result in an increase in pain and cause us to make sacrifices in order to change our attitudes. Believe first in the healing of the spirit and then in the healing of the body. Search within yourself and within your Faith, search for motivating mechanisms that push you towards the healing.

All diseases have a cure, regardless of knowledge, science and existing technologies. But surely not all will receive the grace of healing. The cure will only come with the awareness that God did not create humans to have immortality of the body. The Laws of Cause and Effect and Free Will have been created so that each of us must make and answer for what we do. Wanting to heal ourselves and making this desire stronger every day, is key to any healing.

God is good, merciful and just. The sincere and true repentance is always accepted and is the initial step to resume the journey. Forgiving and being forgiven will strengthen this path in search of healing, because your heart and your spirit being cleansed by forgiveness, your solicitations and prayers will be heard by God and all the spirituality of light. Having Faith and a proactive attitude that are truthful and conscious will be great remedies to the journey to healing and a cure.


When there is a need of healing, never, under any circumstances dispense any help, knowledge, technology or procedure, whether spiritual or material. Science and Spirituality have walked together for centuries seeking cures for illnesses and diseases. Many solutions still lie hidden, because we don’t have the merit to know the cure. But with this harmony that is going on between science and spirituality, many new solutions are coming. This partnership uniting the spiritual with the scientific knowledge has given excellent results, where barriers are being demolished and the body and spirit are being cared for by the same light of healing

A time dedicated to our Spiritual and Physical balance and harmony. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with any spiritual teaching is needed. This meeting is recommended as a “Spiritual Support” to help all of us face our challenges and overcome them with balance and wisdom.


We hope to see you soon at

Spiritist Society Towards the Light. 

I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.
Jesus (John 8:35-12)
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